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Vinnie Colaiuta Discovered the Gretsch Vin-Yard!

Vinnie Colaiuta Discovered the Gretsch Vin-Yard!

During a visit to the Gretsch Drum Factory quite some time ago, artist and endorser Vinnie Colaiuta (drummer for Jeff Beck, Herbie Hancock, Sting, Frank Zappa) came across some neat, New Old Stock (NOS) of Gretsch Drums buried on the shelves way in the back of the warehouse. Being completely blown away by this incredible discovery, Vinnie continued to wander the factory floor and was heard to repeatedly mumble the words “It’s a VIN-YARD … a GRETSCH FACTORY VIN-YARD!” And the “Vin-yard” was born!

But it’s not just Gretsch, the Vin-yard consists of drums, guitars and parts from many other Gretsch-Owned brands . . . Leedy, Sho-Bud, (Bigsby and Slingerland too, brands now owned by our guitar partner Fender and our drum partner the Lombardi Family, though we sold Slingerland to the Gibson Guitar Company in 1995 and they just recently sold it to the Lombardi Family), and more!

And these days these wonderful treasures are offered through the GretschGear site.  Keep checking back for new additions as they make their way through the Vin-yard for hidden treasures!