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For musicians, style is all about emotion. So, when Gretsch fans talk about the look and sound of our instruments, they’re really talking about how the music makes them feel. And while we could describe it, we’d rather you experience it yourself. Because your emotions, like a Gretsch, aren’t commonplace. They are personal.


More than a century after our Brooklyn beginnings, our refrain is still the same. Success isn’t an accident – it’s by design. And while we’ve grown from a small-scale maker to a world-wide brand, our grit and grace still define our sound, our sensibilities, and our story.

Gretsch Timeline Story

Gretsch Timeline Story

Jun 21

Modest Beginnings

From emigrant to entrepreneur, Friedrich Gretsch begins handcrafting banjos, drums, and tambourines in a small Brooklyn workshop.

Jun 21

Early Transitions

Friedrich Gretsch passes away, leaving the leadership of the company to his 15-year-old son, Fred Gretsch, Sr.

Jun 21

Onto the Next Level

A growing audience demands a larger venue, so Gretsch opens a 10-story factory in Brooklyn.

Jun 21

World’s First “Warp-Free” Drum Hoop

An innovator and an entrepreneur, Fred Gretsch, Sr. develops the multi-ply drum lamination process. This led to the creation of the world’s first “warp-free” drum hoop.

Jun 21

The Largest Instrument Manufacturer in the U.S.

Less than forty years after Friedrich Gretsch starts the company, Gretsch is recognized as the “largest musical instruments manufacturer in the United States”.

Jun 21

The First Gretsch-Branded Guitar

As the company grows and the business model changes, so does brand recognition with Gretsch selling branded-guitars for the first time.

Jun 21

Introducing the Broadkaster

Gretsch releases the iconic Broadkaster drum series, which was in production until the 1950s.

Jun 21

Partnership with the Legendary Billy Gladstone

Historic partnership with master drummer and inventor Billy Gladstone begins, leading to the introduction of the Gretsch-Gladstone drum line.

Jun 21

First Electric Guitar

Gretsch introduces the Electromatic – the company’s first electric guitar.

Jun 21

New Leadership For A New Era

After leading the company for nearly 50 years, Fred Gretsch, Sr. retires and names his son, Fred Jr., president.

Jun 21

A Moment of Silence

With the war consuming America’s attention, Gretsch pauses production. Soon after, Fred Jr. steps down to serve in the Navy, leaving his brother, Bill, in charge.

Jun 21

The Music Resumes

As troops return home from the war and families rejoice stateside, Gretsch resumes the work of crafting premium American instruments.

Jun 21

Gretsch Kicks Off the Double Bass

In concert with drumming legend Louie Bellson, Gretsch creates the first-ever double-bass drum kit.

Jun 21

A Veteran Leader

Bill Gretsch dies from illness, and his brother, Fred Jr., the former naval officer, reassumes the company’s presidency.

Jun 21

Be-Bop on the Rise

Inspired by the original Broadkaster drum kit, Gretsch releases the Broadkaster Be-Bop – a new instrument for a novel musical style.

Jun 21

Gretsch’s First Solid Body Electric

Gretsch introduces the Duo Jet – the company’s first solid body electric guitar.

Jun 21

“Mr. Guitar”

The start of a brand-defining creative partnership, country music icon Chet Atkins becomes the first signature Gretsch artist.

Jun 21

The Country Gentleman

At the Summer NAMM Show, Gretsch unveiled the still-famous Chet Atkins Country Gentleman guitar.

Jun 21

75th Anniversary

To celebrate 75 years of crafting premium American instruments, Gretsch releases four anniversary electric guitar models.

Jun 21

A Legendary Night

Art Blakey, Charlie Persip, Elvin Jones, and “Philly” Joe Jones record the “Gretsch Drum Night at Birdland” record.

Jun 21


George Harrison plays a Gretsch Country Gentleman on “The Ed Sullivan Show.” Sales of the iconic guitar model surge immediately.

Jun 21

Guitar Production Breaks Record

Gretsch’s guitar production hits the highest point in company history.

Jun 21

As Seen On TV

Gretsch supplies guitars and drums for “The Monkees” television program. Although only airing for two years, the show was seen by more than 30 million people.

Jun 21

A Brief Interruption

With his decision to retire, Fred Gretsch, Jr. sells the family-owned business to Baldwin Piano Company.

Jun 21

The World’s Greatest Rock & Roll Band

Described as “history’s first mythic rock and roll tour,” Charlie Watts of The Rolling Stones plays on a Gretsch drum kit throughout their 1969 tour.

Jun 21

The Family Business

Seventeen years after the company was sold, Fred W. Gretsch, the founder’s great-grandson, buys back the company.

Jun 21

Gretsch’s New Venue

Gretsch establishes a drum manufacturing facility in Ridgeland, S.C.

Jun 21

Brian Setzer Joins Gretsch

Rockabilly guitarist Brian Setzer becomes the first Gretsch signature artist since Chet Atkins.

Jun 21

A Drumming Legend

Gretsch introduces the Vinnie Colaiuta signature drum series.

Jun 21

Gretsch and Bigsby

The next chapter in a long-term partnership, Gretsch purchases Bigsby Accessories, a premium maker of vibratos since 1951.

Jun 21

Gretsch Gives Back

The Gretsch Foundation launches GuitarArt, an initiative to repurpose used guitars as artwork that schools and other non-profits can auction off at fundraisers.

Jun 21

Chet and Gretsch Reunited

After 28-year absence, Chet Atkins’ name graces 28 new Gretsch guitar models.

Jun 21

Time-Tested Heritage

Gretsch celebrates 125 years of crafting premium guitars and drums for a worldwide audience.

Jun 21

Revisiting Our Beginnings

While Gretsch no longer hails from Brooklyn, the brand’s birthplace still influences the company today. An acknowledgement of this heritage, Gretsch releases the Brooklyn drum series.

Jun 21

Ten Years of Custom

Gretsch celebrates the tenth anniversary of the Gretsch Custom Shop, the handcrafted line of Gretsch Guitars.

Jun 21

Reintroducing the Broadkaster

After years of sporadic and even halted production, Gretsch reintroduces the Broadkaster to the drum product line.

Jun 21

Celebrating Our Legacy

The Country Music Hall of Fame® and Museum opens the American Sound & Beauty exhibit, showcasing 75 vintage Gretsch guitars. This is the largest collection of stringed instruments ever displayed by the museum.

Jun 21

Today & Beyond – Our Story Continues

Today, Gretsch drums and guitars are the instruments of choice for anyone looking for the distinctive style, tone, and vibe only Gretsch can offer.


As the audience evolves, so does the brand. And while music preferences may change and the product line may alter, That Great Gretsch Sound will stay the same.


When it comes to craftsmanship, for more than a century, we haven't missed a beat. That's why drummers around the world still prefer Gretsch drums.

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While we've long since outgrown our Brooklyn beginnings, we've never stopped crafting premium guitars and cheering on the artists who bring them to life.

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