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Jay Gordon’s New CD Slide Rules! Has Critics Talking

Jay Gordon’s New CD Slide Rules! Has Critics Talking

What Critics Are Saying About the NEW CD Release SLIDE RULES! by Gretsch Artist JAY GORDON…


Rock Doctor – by John Kereiff:

Slide Rules! is the meanest, nastiest slab of slide blues to come out in maybe ever, and I can’t get enough.”

Cleve Baker – Confessing the Blues Radio:

Creative, aggressive, blistering slide guitar-and then some!”

Frank Roszak – “Keeping The Blues Alive” Award Recipient:

“Scintillating and almost time traveling 21st century blues.”

Rock and Blues Muse with Martine Ehrenclou – Review by Mike O’Cull:

“Gordon is a ferocious slide guitarist and singer with a live, in-the-moment style that’s impossible to ignore.”

Professor Johnny P’s Juke Joint:

Jay Gordon doesn’t just play guitar. In his hands and fingers, the guitar becomes a weapon – sometimes firing like an automatic rifle, other times burning like a flamethrower in the night. Make no mistake about his talent, Jay Gordon brings a guitar to life!”

Take a listen!

Slide Rules! Cover


Jay & Sharon, Blues Venom. Photo: Richard Rittmiller.

About Jay Gordon . . .

Gordon grew up in Chicago, the epicenter of electric blues. Throughout his career, he has become renown for his blistering guitar solos, vocals conveyed with conviction and passion, and his dedication to the blues. Though inspired by the likes of Buddy Guy, Johnny Winter, Jimi Hendrix, and Stevie Ray Vaughan, Gordon infuses his own unique delivery of power-house rock’n blues. Over two dozen CDs and headlining European tours, he was one of 50 guitarists picked by Eric Clapton to perform at the 2004 Crossroads Festival.

Heard weekly on over 100 stations across the U.S. with two million-plus listeners on the nationally-syndicated radio program Blues Deluxe, host Dave Johnson proclaimed, “Jay Gordon and his band are one of our favorite ways to rock the blues!” Gordon’s music is also featured on SiriusXM® program, Electric Blues Radio, and hundreds of other stations worldwide.

Make sure to check out the Blues Venom website to learn more!