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Phil Rocker

Artist Bio

Phil Rocker (aka Felipe Ossa) is a musician from the city of Medellin, Colombia, South America. His source of inspiration comes from Americana 1950’s rock “n” roll, jump blues, rockabilly, and his academic study of music at Colombia’s Instituto de Bellas Artes (Institute of the Beautiful Arts). Other influences include music heard on the streets of Medellin ranging from tangos, boleros, salsa, pasillos, and tropical music. Artists he regularly listens to include Carlos Santana, Nick Curran, Mike Ness, and Ronnie Dawson.

Rocker is credited with having single-handedly grown the rockabilly genre of music in Colombia while representing his homeland on major international tours. Mega festivals featured include Rock Calavera (Mexico), Rockabilly On The Route, and Viva Las Vegas in the United States. As the first non-U.S. recipient, Rocker has been inducted into the Rockabilly Hall of Fame in Nashville, Tennessee.

Rocker’s body of work has been reviewed all over Latin America and the United States including a profile by MTV Iggy. His debut solo album, VIVA-BOP!!!, is the first step in the search for a unique sound that identifies Rocker as a Latino rock “n” roller with a unique and important perspective.


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