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Patrick Vaughn Stump

Fall Out Boy

Artist Bio

Fall Out Boy lead singer/guitarist Patrick Stump and Tom “TV” Jones teamed up to create the latest signature model from Gretsch — the G5135PS Patrick Vaughn Stump Signature Series Gretsch STUMP-O-MATIC Electromatic Corvette Guitar.

Born and raised in suburban Chicago, Patrick Stump is the lead singer for Fall Out Boy, which initially rose to fame as one of the most successful emo-punk bands during the early 21st century.

When Fall Out Boy went on hiatus in 2009, Stump launched a solo pop-punk effort, influenced by R&B, soul and electronica. The versatile musician wrote all the tracks, played all the instruments and handled production on his 2011 solo debut album Soul Punk.

In 2013, Fall Out Boy returned with a vengeance and a reimagined sound. Comeback album Save Rock and Roll and 2015 follow up American Beauty/American Psycho both debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200, and were massive mainstream successes. Loaded with anthemic, dance-ready hits, Fall Out Boy not only mounted an amazing comeback, but pole-vaulted to yet a new level of pop stardom.

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