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Patrick Sampson

Artist Bio

Patrick Sampson is a young singer-songwriter who has taken other musicians (some many times his age) by total surprise. His ability to create music and lyrics has people saying he reminds them of such notables as a young James Taylor, Cat Stevens, Bon Iver, Ed Sheeran, and even Tracy Chapman. “He has an old soul,” they say.

Sampson was born and raised in a small community in northern New York on the eastern end of Lake Ontario. Before picking up the guitar, he was a typical kid that played basketball, sang in the school chorus, went to the movies, and hung out with his friends.

One of the most fascinating things about Sampson is that he only started playing guitar and singing just over 4 years ago. In August of 2014, he asked his parents for a guitar. Sampson had never had a lesson and never sang other than in the usual high school chorus. He came downstairs three days after getting the guitar and played and sang a song for his parents. They looked at each other in amazement and when they asked where he had learned to play guitar and what song it was he just sang he said, “I learned to play off YouTube and I wrote the song, did you like it?” The old saying that “the rest is history” is so true.

Sampson’s future plans for now are to promote The Wanderer, his first album release, and tour to as many new areas of the country as possible, all in hopes of gathering new admirers of his music who will join him on his life’s journey. Sharing the love of music with people is the most rewarding thing for him. He is at his happiest singing to anyone who will listen.


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