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Lucky Will

Artist Bio

Witnessing a music video of AC/DC was the flash point that lit the fuse for a then-naive eight-year-old who wanted to pick up and learn the guitar. Now armed with his Gretsch, “Lucky Will” is a 24-year-old, self-taught guitarist/songwriter from Reims, France.

Later inspired by the infectious rhythms and fretboard prowess of Brian Setzer, Lucky Will became obsessed to learn everything he could about where rock ‘n’ roll began and the musicians who blazed the trail. His passion for the rocket fueled compositions of the 1950s then lead him to appreciate the sonic blast of a horn section from Big Band music.

Whether its swing, rhythm & blues, jazz, or blue grass, Lucky Will prefers to plug his Gretsch into vintage amps to generate the spirit of those classic guitar tones.

As an official Gretsch-endorsed artist, you’ll find Lucky Will touring France, England, and Ireland with the UK-based band, JIVE ACES. Having just released his first official music video featuring original composition, “I Want A Jack,” Lucky Will promises to deliver more rockin’ tunes that will get your hips shakin’.

Feature photo: Albert Brixko.

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