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Jane Rose

Artist Bio

Jane Rose is a guitarist, songwriter, and powerhouse vocalist from Nashville, Tennessee. She fronts her own band, Jane Rose & The Deadend Boys, a blues influenced four-piece Rockabilly band. Jane is a full-time musician and also plays upright bass for a friend’s band.

Jane fell in love with Gretsch guitars when she discovered rockabilly in her early teens. She was greatly inspired by Eddie Cochran, Brian Setzer, Duane Eddy, Chet Atkins, and Bo Diddley. How could she not fall in love with the tone and the feel of a Gretsch in her hands? After working as much as she could, and saving all the babysitting money she earned, she bought her first Gretsch at the age of 21. Rozalyn, a Walnut G5120, is still with her today!

Jane plays music as much as she can. She has two albums out–Poultricide and Damaged Goods–and she is currently working on a third.

Jane currently tours the US but aspires to tour the world, and has her sights set on a European tour for 2020 with her band of misfits. You can regularly catch Jane Rose and the Deadend Boys shows in Nashville.




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