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Danilo Fiani

Artist Bio

Although he grew up living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil listening to his father, a professional guitarist, and his mother, a singer, as a teenager Danilo Fiani credits The Beatles as the main inspiration that ignited his passion to learn to play guitar and sing.

Dedicating himself to the music and guitar stylings of George Harrison, Fiani has been performing with Beatles tribute acts for close to a decade. Skillfully replicating the tone and feeling of Harrison’s guitar, his slide playing is well respected amongst the most critical Beatles aficionados. His band, The Bluebeetles, has been performing in Liverpool (UK) practically every year since 2010 during the world famous International Beatleweek. They’re also regularly featured at the Abbey Road on the River festival which takes place annually in Jeffersonville, Indiana.

Recently, Fiani has also been showcasing his talents with another Gretsch endorsed artist, Gavin Pring. Celebrated by a legion of fans, Gavin is considered THE foremost George Harrison impersonator in the world who also takes his portrayal with the live performing touring troupe, The Fab Four.

Catch Fiani with The Bluebeetles and with Gavin Pring to celebrate George Harrison’s 75th Anniversary at the 2018 edition of Abbey Road on the River festival from May 24 to 28, and at International Beatleweek from August 22 to 28.

Fiani will be releasing his first solo album in late 2018. No doubt his songs will be influenced by Brazilian music and, of course, The Beatles!

Feature photo: Demetrio Aguiar.


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