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Paris Jeffree

Artist Bio

Photo by David Phillips.

A Gretsch Drums artist since 2018, Paris Jeffree is a Sydney-born, London-based drummer. In early 2016, she was asked to join the Melbourne-based electronic group The Avalanches as their full-time touring drummer. Jeffree spent the next two years touring and performing at major festivals and headline shows as part of The Avalanches’ Wildflower World Tour. Within these 2 years, Jeffree built up a reputation of being the engine room of the band, recreating the drum samples from the album live with sublime, powerhouse drumming.

Jeffree was recently featured in a recent episode of the Modern Drummer‘s podcast with Mike Dawson and Mike Johnston. Discussing Jeffree’s playing Mike Johnston said, “She to me when I hear her play, she’s probably the epitome of what I think of as a professional rock drummer. Every note has care and passion and she cares about the groove more than anything else. It’s not just the drumming, it’s the whole body showmanship. I don’t think she can not play like that. It’s awesome, flat out pro.”

Paris has recently relocated to London where she excitedly joins Years & Years as their new touring drummer.

Spotlight photo by David Phillips. Make sure to check out his photo books.

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