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Nic Collins

Fifty Eight Hundred

Artist Bio

Nic Collins was born on April 21, 2001. His passion for the drums began at a very early age and has only intensified as time has gone by. Although Nic owes his passion for music and drumming to his father, Phil Collins, the real awakening occurred after Nic founded the project now known as “Fifty Eight Hundred” with bandmate Yannick Waingarten.

As a touring member for the Phil Collins Not Dead Yet tour which began in the summer of 2017, Nic has had the honor of sharing the stage with world-renown musicians Leland Sklar, Daryl Stuermer, Brad Cole, and Luis Conte. Even with the exposure to these great musicians, his band Fifty Eight Hundred have allowed Nic to experiment and create his own identity as a musician. He credits this development to his Fifty Eight Hundred bandmates who have all had an impact on his playing. Despite the busy touring schedule, Nic has been able to prioritize Fifty Eight Hundred and the recording of their debut album which was released in Spring of 2018. Since then, Nic has been playing on all legs of the Not Dead Yet world tour and has been writing and playing with Fifty Eight Hundred.

Nic names his influences as John Bonham, Chad Smith, Taylor Hawkins, Phil Collins, Stewart Copeland, Dave Grohl, Jon Theodore, Ben Thatcher, Steve Jordan, Steve Gadd, and Todd Sucherman.

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