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Joseph Arrington

Artist Bio

A Gretsch Drums artist since 2014, Joseph Arrington has toured the world backing two adrenaline-fueled acts–A Lot Like Birds (2009-2018) and Sianvar. Experimental and ambitious bands like these are hard to define, much like Arrington’s playing.

The talented Arrington sites his influences as Vinnie Colaiuta, Chick Corea, Antonio Sanchez, Tigran Hamasyan, Sufjan Stevens, Jay Lawrence, Bertrand Russell, Samus Aran, and Victor Hugo.

When not touring the world, Arrington can be found in his natural habitat fueling jazz-fusion/jam-band juggernauts like Love Mischief and his own various studio endeavors that span the spectrum of Northern California’s brimming musical community. Combining traditional musical mentalities with a modern energy all his own, Arrington literally eats, sleeps, and bleeds drums . . . except when he is playing Metroid, reading, or backpacking in the wilderness.

Arrington fans can find a vast catalogue of current and previous drum tutorials and video insight from him via Patreon. There he guides his patrons through a gauntlet of epic drum systems and meditations that led him to the sounds he created for A Lot Like Birds, Sianvar, and currently Kurt Travis, Royal Coda, and La Taiga.

For more on Arrington, check out his “On The Beat” in Modern Drummer from 2018 as well as various interviews online.


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