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NAMM Show Inspiration on Display at Gretsch in Pooler

Dinah and Fred Gretsch brought back a few mementos from Anaheim, CA: inspirational NAMM Show promotional signs that are now displayed in the front windows of the Pooler office. “These signs just speak to us...One reads, ‘Where words fail, music speaks’, and another reads, ‘Music is for every single person that walks the planet.’ Those messages really sum up the special connecting power of music. Whether you live in the state of Georgia, or the country of Georgia over in Eurasia, music is the universal language that connects everyone.”

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The Women of Gretsch. Generation 2: Charlotte

Charlotte Sommer was born on December 16, 1880 in New York City to American-born parents who owned a successful grocery store in Manhattan. She was the sixth of eight children and grew up in a house with five brothers. In 1904 she married Fred Gretsch Sr. and helped him to build the Gretsch Company into the nation’s largest musical instrument manufacturer in 1920.

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Nashville Expo Center, located on the Tennessee State Fairgrounds - See more at:

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LAB Camp Drums with Keith Carlock and Stanton Moore

Gretsch drummers Keith Carlock and Stanton Moore will participate in LAB Camp Drums from June 8 through June 13 at The Ranch, Sofikón, Greece. Make plans to attend!


American Sound and Beauty: Guitars from the Bachman-Gretsch Collection


German Guitar Heroes

Read Fred Gretsch's examination of an important part of history not properly being represented.


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