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Elmhurst College Jazz Festival’s 50th Anniversary

Any time that Elmhurst College holds its nationally-recognized Jazz Festival, it’s a major event on the musical scene. But the 2017 Festival—held this past February 23 through 26—was especially noteworthy (pun entirely intended). It was the Festival’s 50th...

Chris Siebold: Lessons This Guitar Virtuoso Learned

The versatile, Chicago-based musician reflects on his Elmhurst College days, and how the Gretsch Foundation helped him grow as a student, teacher, and professional musician. By Ron Denny Chris Siebold is one of the most versatile musicians working in the business...
Remembering Bill and Sylvia Gretsch

Remembering Bill and Sylvia Gretsch

A Tribute To A Remarkable Couple By Fred W. Gretsch My father, William “Bill” Gretsch, and mother, Sylvia, both played a major role not only in my life, but also in the legacy of the Gretsch Company. Gretsch has always been a family business. My great-grandfather,...