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Gretsch USA Custom Kit For A Foo Fighter

Gretsch USA Custom Kit For A Foo Fighter

Special Guest Blog: Drum Shop’s Tale of Taylor Hawkin’s Gretsch USA Custom Drums!

We’ve had one heck of a weekend here at Drum Shop and a huge part of our weekend was filled up with this absolutely dreamy Gretsch kit. Seriously, just look at this kit! It’s one very special custom drum kit which we’ve been instrumental in pairing with it’s very happy new owner!

In collaboration with Gretsch Drums we managed to secure this spectacular drum kit for Foo Fighters GB, one of the UK’s finest tribute bands of one of the best rock bands in the world, the Foo Fighters.

Foo Fighters GB is headed up by Gary “Gaz” Bates and if you hadn’t guessed Gaz is a huge fan of the Foo Fighters’ music and is a founding member of Foo Fighters GB (formerly Foo 5ighters). Gaz takes up the role of Dave Grohl, providing the lead vocals and guitar for the band and has a strikingly similar vocal style to Dave, adding authenticity to this epic tribute band. Taking up the role of Chris Shiflett on the guitar is Danny O’Connell, Dan has an impressive wealth of experience from performing in originals bands as well as his versatile musical training. Karl Parkes will blow you away with his unreal bass skills and is a fantastic substitute for Nate Mendel, that we assure you! And then it comes to our favourite member of the band (sorry guys, we’re biased) Russ Weller! Russ is Foo Fighters GB’s answer to Taylor Hawkins and although Taylor is one heck of drummer in his own right, Russ is hot on his heels with an abundance of attack, determination and pure passion for all things Foo Fighters!

So when Russ and Foo Fighters GB approached us with the view of securing the Taylor Hawkins iconic Gretsch USA Custom acoustic drum kit in that sassy Hot Pink finish we were more than excited to take on the task of securing this for the Foo Fighters GB boys! Take a look at the image below and you’ll see a photograph of Taylor Hawkins’ iconic hot pink Gretsch USA Custom acoustic drum kit.

Once we embarked on this mega journey there was no going back and little did we know that Taylor Hawkins’ drum kit was the only one of it’s kind…EVER. But here at Drum Shop, we certainly won’t be beaten by a minor detail like that! After many conversations back and forth with the guys at Gretsch Drums we acquired the sought after special order Gretsch USA Custom in the custom Hot Pink finish. This drum kit is so special it was specifically created for the Foo Fighters GB guys and was a special order which took a whopping 6 months to arrive here at Drum Shop HQ; but you know what they say drummers… all good things come to those who wait and boy this kit was well worth it! Russ was beyond excited when he first clapped eyes on this beauty and was even more overjoyed when he discovered that this kit is only the one of it’s kind created other than Taylor Hawkins kit.

We’re sure that Russ’ striking new Gretsch USA Custom acoustic drum kit will blend perfectly with the rest of Russ’ equipment. Here’s a round up of Russ’ gear:

  • Zildjian A Custom – Hi Hats 15″
  • Zildjian A Custom – Crash 17″
  • Zildjian A Custom – Crash 19″
  • Zildjian A Custom – Sweet Ride 22″
  • Zildjian A Custom – EFX 18″
  • Mapex Black Panther Snare Drum
  • Vic Firth Drum Sticks

We love not only learning about some of the amazing drummers and bands within the drumming community but we love nothing more than to shout about them and support them!

So if you’ve liked what you’ve read, we’re pretty sure you should get yourself over to the Foo Fighters GB socials and check them out, you can find them on the following platforms:  FacebookYouTube

And visit Drum Shop at:

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