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Hali & Trey: The Power of Music & The Importance of Family

Hali & Trey: The Power of Music & The Importance of Family

It is not unusual for a couple to have a “song” that is their own, but for Hali Hicks and Trey Cordle, music is so much more. Music is a thread that meticulously helped weave their stories together.

Hali and Trey met while Trey was working around Nashville. Hali would sit in when Trey performed. It was their mutual respect for great music that initially piqued their interest in one another.

Although a mutual respect for great music drew Hali and Trey together, musical craft and Gretsch instruments are among the things that strengthened their bond. Trey, a Gretsch Drums endorser since 2011, was first turned onto Gretsch when he worked at the Richmond Music Center. As Trey encountered Gretsch instruments, he was struck by their craft, integrity, and superior design.

“Gretsch is synonymous with quality,” said Cordle. “No matter which model, quality is there and is high. I continue to covet the day I got the Gretsch deal.”

It is no surprise, then, that Trey introduced Hali to Gretsch. Soon after Hali and Trey began to date, Trey took her to a local music store for her birthday. Trey wanted to buy Hali, a guitarist since the age of 13, a guitar – he hoped it would be a Gretsch.

Hali remembers coveting the Gretsch guitar on display, but hesitating to pick it up. She feared that the instrument’s quality would fail to match the precedent set by its striking design. At the end of her visit, Hali finally picked up the guitar. As she felt the guitar in her hands and interacted with the instrument, she began to fall in love. The guitar not only looked–but also sounded–beautiful. Gretsch exceeded her expectations.

“It was the way it sounded, the way it played, and the way it looked” said Hicks about the Gretsch Guitar. “I have never gotten so many compliments on an instrument … Gretsch is so recognizable.”

Six years later, Hali and Trey continue to pursue music daily. Trey works locally as an independent session musician. Previously, Trey worked with Trent Tomlison, Trent Wilmon, and Steve Holy. Hali works locally with her new band–Cactus Moser–alongside Justin Weaver and Charlie Pate. Hali is also a songwriter. She had a single called “Last Night of Spring” and wrote “Float” with Amber Leigh White and Red Marlow for Amber Leigh White.

Although Trey is originally from Richmond, VA and Hali from Cedartown, GA, they now call Nashville home. Hali has lived in Nashville for ten years, and Trey has lived in Nashville for fifteen.

“I felt like Nashville is where I belonged,” said Cordle. “When I moved here, I was eager to be a little fish in a big pond.”

Hali and Trey’s families live in Nashville and they treasure the opportunity to share music with them. Marc, 12, unwrapped a Jim Dandy Gretsch Guitar and John Samuel, 2, discovered Gretsch drums under the tree this past Christmas. Hali and Trey are also looking forward to sharing music with their child on the way.  “Our children are the next generation for Gretsch,” said Hali.

Gretsch has always been a family company. Hali and Trey’s story testifies to the power of music, the importance of family, and the beauty of sharing music’s gift with the next generation of artists.

— Cheyenne Gavin and dad Jack Gavin

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