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Millennials and Music (From a Millennial)

Millennials and Music (From a Millennial)

The Gretsch Company has been a family affair for nearly 135 years starting with Generation 1 Friedrich. Currently led by the 4th generation (Fred & Dinah), members of generations 5 and 6 are also involved in many aspects of this family business. Here’s a special feature from Chelsea, Gretsch Generation 6, on music and how it plays an important part in the lives of her generation…the Millennial Generation.

Music is a daily component of life for many people, especially the Millennial generation.  I can attest to that statement because I am a Millennial and the music I listen to moves with me throughout my day.  According to a 2016 article in Digital Music News, “Millennials listen to 75% more music than the Baby Boomer generation.”  Knowing that Millennial ears are consuming large intakes of music, this statistic raises the question of how music affects us and what impact music has on the Millennial generation.

We can thank science for answering the question of how music affects us.  Thankfully, in a very beneficial way.  Science has proven that listening to music has numerous benefits to our health.  Just a few of these benefits include improving our mood, boosting brain chemicals, and helping us learn better.  Science proves that listening to upbeat music improves our mood–which most music lovers already know because when we want to get pumped up for an occasion, we play upbeat songs.  Music also has profound effects while we learn.  It improves spatial intelligence, test scores, and language development.  For example, if you are learning a new language, try to learn a few songs or children’s songs in that language.  It will help immensely!  Studies have also proven that you can raise your IQ by listening to Mozart!

By playing music, you reap the most health benefits for yourself.  So, if you feel the need to go the extra mile for added health benefits, get started by learning your favorite instrument.  Whether you choose to listen to or play music, science has helped prove that music should certainly be a part of our daily lives.

And music is much easier to listen to nowadays than ever before.  Streaming services create on-demand experiences for all of your favorite songs.  A Whatsgoodly poll stated “47 percent of Millennials get their music from Spotify,” which shows almost half of Millennials have chosen just this type of on-demand streaming service.  While it is hard to determine what impact music will have on the Millennial generation in the future, we can see how influential music is to us now by the on-demand services we use.  We know from many studies that Millennials listen to these on-demand services more at work than other generations.  We also know from studies how beneficial it is to listen to music during your work day.  From these studies, we can assume that the Millennial generation is on the right track to using music to benefit our daily lives.

So, a final message from this Millennial (who has grown up in a family with a nearly 135-year-long history in the music business) to all the other Millennials out there—do your best to listen to music every day, it has profound effects on us…plus it makes us feel good!


(Gretsch Generation 6)