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Greg Gretsch Appears On CNN News

Greg Gretsch Appears On CNN News

Contributes Expert Commentary Regarding Facebook IPO

Greg Gretsch on CNN

Greg Gretsch—son of Gretsch Company president Fred W. Gretsch and managing director of investment firm Sigma Partners—was featured on CNN News this past Tuesday, May 15. Greg’s expertise was sought regarding the status of social network giant Facebook versus its competitors. The topic is a hot one because of Facebook’s initial public offering this week—the biggest ever for an Internet company.

“Facebook, from the very beginning, has focused like a laser on the quality of their product…the quality of the user experience,” said Greg. According to CNN’s report, this was something that wasn’t done by rival sites like Myspace and Friendster.

Still, no company, no matter how seemingly large and invulnerable, is immune to the possibility of threats from an unexpected source.  “What [Facebook founder] Mark Zuckerberg worries about is not the Googles of the world,” said Greg Gretsch. “What he worries about is the upstart…the three guys in a garage who figure out the new social network.” The full CNN news item can be seen HERE.  Look out for more of Greg on CNN in the coming days.

As a former founder and executive of four start-up technology companies, Greg Gretsch uses his expertise to assist entrepreneurs in building strong businesses. Greg has been in the high-technology industry for more than twenty years. He joined Sigma Partners in 2000, and brings to the firm expertise in new venture creation and marketing. More information on Greg is available at