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Gretsch "Setup And Play" Drumsets. Talk About User Friendly!

Gretsch "Setup And Play" Drumsets. Talk About User Friendly!

If you’re eager to get playing on some nifty new gear, Kaman Music Corporation (manufacturer and worldwide distributor of Gretsch drum products) has a deal for you. Their new “Set Up and Play” drumset packages feature Gretsch drums, Gibraltar hardware, and Sabian cymbals.

With an eye to affordability, the new packages offer the most popular Gretsch Blackhawk, Catalina Elite, Catalina Stage, and Renown Maple series shell packs, Gibraltar 5600 and 6600 series hardware, and the player’s choice of Sabian Solar, B8, B8 Pro, and Pro Sonix Performance Pack cymbal sets. The packages give the drummer an opportunity to build a complete drumset with cymbals, featuring top percussion brands and added-value savings. Retail prices for “Set Up And Play” packages start at $999.

Also from Gretsch is word that new production schedules have been set up to drastically reduce lead time of the more popular colors and configurations from the Custom Series offering. The new Custom Drum Shell Bank offers the most popular drumset configurations in Gretsch’s high-gloss lacquer finishes. Delivery time will now be reduced to six weeks from the previous figure of twenty-four. In addition, all Nitron covered single drums in classic sparkles, pearls, and solid finishes will now be delivered within ten weeks from order date.