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Stan Frazier (Sugar Ray) likes to play "really loud rock!" Headline News Talks with Stan While on Tour

Stan Frazier (Sugar Ray) likes to play "really loud rock!" Headline News Talks with Stan While on Tour

Story by UEC

Stan Frazier say’s he likes to go out on tour and play “really loud rock”. Who wouldn’t? Stan’s gettin’ plenty of time to do just that as part of the Southern California pop-rockster’s known as Sugar Ray. The band has been out on tour in support of their fourth self-titled effort, “Sugar Ray”. “We still like to go out and bash our heads” Stan explained however, he enjoys other things too such as golf and cooking.

The “heads” Stan is referring to are those of he and his band-mates thrashing with the fans as they rock across the states, in full tour mode. “Rock & Roll is the only job where you show up for work, and there’s four cases of beer….at your desk!”

Gretsch Headline News caught up with Stan on the recent tour to ask a few questions about music, percussion, golfing and life as the drummer of one of the hippest bands out there!

Stan Frazier

GHN: Have you always been a drummer? What, if any, are some of the other instruments you play?

SF: Always played drums and guitar, little bit of piano.

GHN: What is your current drum set-up. (kit size, heads, sticks etc…)

SF: Gretsch Green Sparkle – 22″, 10″, 12″, 16″, 18″, 14″ x 6-1/2″ snare. Zildjian Cymbals, Pro Mark Sticks and Remo Heads.

GHN: With the current success of Sugar Ray and the touring demands, do you get a chance to practice much.

SF: Not as much as I would like to!

GHN: What is your practice routine?

SF: On my ’59 Gretsch Jazz kit in my home studio.

GHN: Tell us about your first drum kit.

SF: “no name” beater from a pawn shop – but how I loved it!

GHN: Who are some of the drummers in the past that have influenced you?

SF: Keith Moon, Stewart Copeland, Mitch Mitchell, John Bonham, Ringo, Buddy Rich and many more.

GHN: Who are some of the contemporary drummers you like?

SF: Chad Sexton, Josh Freese, Jose’ from Incubus, Chad from R.H.C.P., Kenny Aronoff.

GHN: What instrument do you use when you are writing songs?

SF: Guitar, piano, myself.

GHN: You mention the Who’s compilation, ‘Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy”, as being in your top ten albums. What do you think of Keith Moon?

SF: Major influence on me becoming interested in music. Outlandish, talented, obnoxious, funny…

GHN: Aside from your work with Sugar Ray, are there any other styles of music you might want to explore?

SF: More mellow music in the vain of Sade, Sting, Elvis Costello.

GHN: What other hobbies do you have?

SF: Golf, cooking, dogs, beach, snowboarding.

GHN: Who are some of your celebrity golf buddies?

SF: Adrian of No Doubt, Allen from Lit, Murphy from Sugar Ray, Bobby from Orgy, Tommy Lee.

GHN: Are they any good?

SF: Adrian is the best, then it’s even!

GHN: What’s your favorite course(golf) and why?

SF: Pelican Hill in Newport Beach, it’s by the ocean!!

GHN: Ok, so what’s your favorite “dinner” course and why?

SF: Sushi!! Tastes good and high in protein!