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Gretsch Enjoys Another Strong Showing at Nashville Namm Show!

Gretsch Enjoys Another Strong Showing at Nashville Namm Show!

Story by UEC


In the sweltering summer heat of Nashville, the 2001 Namm show was as busy as ever with the hustle and bustle of music industry manufacturers, retailers and deal makers everywhere. One constant locale of non-stop traffic was the Gretsch Exhibit. The booth was packed with a wall of beautiful guitars and custom built drum kits! It attracted a continuous flow of players and enthusiasts alike.

For the guitar fanatics, there were beautiful new 6012 Series Acoustics in a variety of custom colors, a collection of “souped-up” Setzer Hot Rods, the gorgeous Stephen Stills, Duane Eddy and Elliot Easton Signature Series and the all new handmade Spectrasonics guitars that drew attention for their unique styling. The booth was chock full a Jets; Sparkle Jets, Double Jets, Junior Jets, Duo Jets, Jets, Jets and more Jets! Many of the instruments were outfitted with Bigsby Vibratos; the classic tailpiece that adds beauty and tone to any guitar.

Drum lovers found the Gretsch Custom Kits to be as beautiful as ever with a detail to craftsmanship and finishes reserved for only the finest drums in the world. With killer tone and a tight snapping snare, those who took the time to play were treated to an immediate sense of what makes Gretsch Drums Great!

Introduced at the show were six new Custom Plus snare drums beautifully hand crafted in the USA. These handsome new snare drums in natural finish began with a special request from world-renown drummer and long-time Gretsch endorser, Vinnie Colaiuta. During a recent visit to the Gretsch factory, Vinnie asked that Gretsch make him a snare using a thicker shell on the wood snare drum. With Vinnie’s request in mind, Gretsch designed the new Custom Plus snare series that is 25 percent thicker than the standard Gretsch snare shell. Although this snare incorporates a new thicker design, it is made with the traditional shell construction features of the standard Gretsch wood shell.

Gretsch DrumsKnowing that this thicker shell, a full 3/8″ thick, would appeal to drummers around the world, Gretsch decided to make this special snare requested by Vinnie available to drummers everywhere. Not only is this drum hand-crafted in the USA, but 99 percent of its parts are made in the USA as well, including the lugs, hoops, heads, and throwoffs. The Nickel Drumworks throw off comes standard on the 4″ deep models and is available as an option on other sizes.

The new Custom Plus snare specially made for Vinnie features the Vinnie Colaiuta custom badge. Vinnie prefers a 5″ x 14″, 8-lug snare with Gretsch die cast hoops and Gretsch lightning throw off and butt plate. The Custom Plus is also available in 4″, 5 _”, 6 _” and 8″ depths.

Also new, 13″ diameter snares with the Custom Plus shell are available for the first time in 4″, 5″ and 6″ depths. These drums feature the Gretsch 6-lug die cast hoop with either 6 double or 12 single lugs.

Gretsch will also make a few pieces of the Custom Plus snare with an eye-catching Birdseye Maple outer veneer ply and stunning gold hardware offered as special custom options. These gorgeous drums are sure to be prized by players and collectors alike.