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Fans Meet with Guitar Legend Duane Eddy at the Springfield, NJ Guitar Center!

Fans Meet with Guitar Legend Duane Eddy at the Springfield, NJ Guitar Center!

Story by UEC

SPRINGFIELD, NJ – Saturday, June 24th at 1:00 pm, Duane Eddy met with fans and guitar enthusiasts alike at the Springfield, New Jersey Guitar Center! The event was co-sponsored by Guitar Center and Gretsch Guitars. Along with the opportunity to meet Duane, fans also witnessed a unique Gretsch Guitar Show with over 50 different models including one-of-a-kind guitars, prototypes, vintage classics and more!

Guitar Center store manager and gracious host, Jim Peters, was waiting to assist Duane when he arrived. The parking lot had already filled with anxious fans lining up to meet him. Even a local Cable Station that got word of his scheduled appearance received a unique opportunity to interview Duane.

Throughout the entire event, a continuous flow of excited fans waited for this rare opportunity to meet Duane. He was seated at the end of a long table surrounded by a massive display of special Gretsch guitars. It was quite an amazing site! Duane signed autographs and answered many questions the fans asked about, his illustrious career, music, and Gretsch guitars!

There were many knowledgeable players on hand to check out the display of special instruments. They asked important questions and offered valuable feedback regarding the guitars, features and manufacturing process. This type of feedback is very important to The Gretsch Company and used in hopes of providing the best quality instruments and customer service.

Although many of the special Gretsch guitars were sold during the event, some will remain on display at the Springfield store for a short period of time. For those of you who unfortunately missed meeting Duane, there may still be time to see the remainder of the display. You can also contact your local Guitar Center for information about a possible appearance by Duane at a store near you.

Thanks goes out to Duane and his wonderful wife Deed, the people at both Guitar Center and Gretsch and especially all of the fans for making this event such a fantastic success! Thank you!


  • G6129TR – Sparkle Jet Red
  • G6129TC – Sparkle Jet Champagne
  • G6129TG – Sparkle Jet Green
  • G6129TAU- Sparkle Jet Gold
  • G6128PT – Pumpkin Duo Jet
  • G6131SMYF – Malcolm Young Flamed
  • G6129T-1962 – Silver Jet Double Cutaway
  • G6128T-1962 – Duo Jet Double Cutaway
  • G6138 – Bo Diddley
  • G6131 – Jet Firebird
  • G7685 – The Axe


  • G6117 – Sunburst Anniversary
  • G6119-1962 – Tennessee Rose 62 Reissue
  • G6120BS – Nashville Blue Sunburst
  • G6120W – Nashville Western
  • G6120TM – Nashville Tiger Maple
  • G6122JRO – Country Classic Junior Orange
  • G6122S – Country Classic Single Cutaway
  • G6122-1958 – Country Classic 1958 Reissue
  • G6122-12 – Country Classic 12 String
  • G7690 – Super Gretsch (if back in stock)
  • G7593 – White Falcon with Bigsby
  • G7594 – White Falcon Double Cutaway
  • G7594JR – White Falcon Junior
  • G6120DEO – Duane Eddy Orange
  • G6120DE – Duane Eddy Ebony
  • G6120SHT – Setzer Hot Rod Tangerine
  • G6120SHB – Setzer Hot Rod Blue
  • G6120SHP – Setzer Hot Rod Purple
  • G6120SSUGR – Setzer Tiger Maple Green


  • G6175W – Acoustic Bass Western
  • G6176 – Acoustic Bass Fretless
  • G6119B – Broadkaster Bass Cherry
  • G6072 – Long Scale Bass


  • G6022 – Rancher
  • G6022C – Rancher with Cutaway
  • G6022C/12 – Rancher 12 String with Cutaway
  • G6030V – Night Bird Acoustic Electric with Vibrato
  • G6020V – Crimson Flyer Acoustic Electric with Vibrato
  • G6010 – Sun Valley Dreadnought
  • G400 – Synchromatic
  • G400C – Synchromatic with cutaway
  • G6040MCSS – Synchromatic with cutaway, filtertron, maple
  • G450M – 17″ Synchromatic Maple, limited edition
  • G460 – Synchromatic Electric/Acoustic (duo jet size)


  • G6129T-1957LH – Silver Jet 1957
  • G6118TLH – Anniversary Lefty, Two Tone Green
  • G6120-1960LH – Nashville 1960 Lefty
  • G6138LH – Bo Diddley Lefty
  • G6122-1962LH – Country Classic ’62


  • G6128T-6/12 – Duo Jet Double Neck
  • G6120-6/12 – Nashville Double Neck